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  • Reduces hospital admissions
  • Can shorten in-hospital stay durations for patients who are already in hospital but are well enough to go home
  • Treatment bookings are confirmed by appointment only - so no lengthy waits for treatments to be undertaken
  • Patients do not need to go through a hospital admission process for each visit
  • Continuity of care is undertaken along with the patient's referring Doctor
  • Consistency in individual patient care through standardised treatment guidelines, or Doctor specific treatment requests
  • Patients are able to continue a relatively normal daily life (condition dependent) i.e. stay at home or go back to work
  • Treatments are undertaken in comfortable "recliner style" chairs with access to power, free Wi-Fi Internet and DSTV
  • Private treatment rooms are available if required
  • All facilities are wheelchair friendly
  • In the event that a medical emergency does occur a full set of Advanced Life Support equipment and medications is readily available onsite